Refund policy

Loja do Cabelo accepts returns within 14 days after the invoice date. Products must be returned in perfect condition and in its original packaging and without any indication of use or alteration of its original characteristics. Only after receiving the material and checking its condition, the return will be processed.

We exchange products, as long as the product has no evidence of any type of use and is in good condition. All shipping costs inherent to the exchange of products are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Application of hair and alteration of its original characteristics with chemical products (dyes and perms):
If the client decides to apply the hair / extensions after verification, he / she assumes responsibility for his / her decision. As soon as the hair / extensions are handled with chemicals or applied by a professional, we will not accept any return, refund or exchange request as the hair will no longer be in a position to be marketed or replaced in stock due to changes, cuts and paintings that may have suffered when being adapted to the client when applying.

Dyes, perms and other work done on hair using chemicals:
We do not assume responsibility or give any guarantee if the customer decides to undergo chemical treatments, permes, colorings, etc., as it is impossible to determine which products were used in the handling of hair as well as the experience and qualification of the person who will handle the hair. If you want to make perm or coloring, remember that we have hair with perm or in the color you want available. If you prefer, contact us for a list of qualified professionals to perform hair chemicals in a safe and professional manner.

Warranty on electrical equipment:
The electrical material sold by Loja do Cabelo is covered by a 2-year warranty. The guarantee does not cover malfunctions or defects caused by the equipment due to incorrect handling by the user. This guarantee is only valid with the presentation of the respective purchase invoice.

Online Dispute Resolution:
Alternative dispute resolution is provided by neutral out-of-court bodies such as conciliators, mediators, arbitrators, providers and dispute resolution commissions.
These bodies can bring the trader and the consumer into contact and help them find a solution to the dispute. They can also propose a solution or even impose it.
Most of these bodies intervene free of charge or at low cost. As a general rule, they reach a result within 90 days.
Under European Union law, it is possible to use these bodies to resolve all contractual disputes between a consumer and a trader established in the European Union.
If you are dissatisfied with the purchase of a good or service on our website, or with the solution we have presented to resolve the situation, you can also file a complaint through the new “Online Dispute Resolution Platform” or obtain advice from the CNIACC - National Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration Center:

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