Caring for Hair Extensions

August 03, 2015 4 Comments

Cuidados a Ter Com As Extensões De Cabelo

Whenever you wash your hair, you should untangle it first, starting at the ends and going up to the roots, with a brush with soft bristles or wild boar hair; then comb again;
  • Wash your hair extensions, never rubbing them. These should always be washed from the roots to the tips with smooth and uniform movements;
  • Always use warm water; Soft shampoos should be used, preferably a specific product such as our Shampoo for Extensions that contains a high amount of nourishing and moisturizing extracts; 2 in 1 shampoos should not be used as the chemical formula of these products makes them very aggressive for your hair extensions.
  • Always apply a Moisturizing Mask for Extensions after washing (preferably specific for hair extensions) and untangle the hair from the tips to the roots, with a soft bristle or boar hair brush and then with a comb; leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash your hair thoroughly with warm water;


    • In case of using the "BabyBliss" iron or a very hot dryer, a silicone based protective product such as an Extension Spray should be applied beforehand;
    • Avoid bathing in swimming pools without a cap - the chlorine in the water can damage its lengths and significantly reduce its life span;
    • Do not forget that both the sea and the sun in the summer damage our hair and therefore damage the extensions much more! Always apply Silicone Extension Spray to protect your extensions from UV rays and external aggressions.
    • After returning from the beach, wash your extensions as described in the previous block, and ALWAYS use Moisturizing Mask for Extensions in order to restore the lost hydration to your hair extensions. Never forget that the extensions do not receive natural oils from our scalp like our hair, so we can never neglect their hydration.
    • NEVER sleep with your wet hair extensions! They may be quite embarrassed!
    • We recommend that you always braid or collect your extensions before going to sleep with a hair cap / cloth so that they can be easily combed in the morning upon waking up.
    • The use of dyes, bleaches or permanents made at home is not recommended; these jobs should be performed only by professionals. If you still decide to use chemical products in your hair extensions, choose products with a low volume of oxidizer / ammonia; you should also pay close attention to the length of exposure of the extensions to the product! We do not advise you to lighten more than two tones; to darken there is no inconvenience if the product used is of good quality - never perform any of these tasks with the extensions attached!
    • After putting on your hair extensions, it will become more difficult to wash your hair. For this reason, you must ensure that you always put a generous amount of shampoo on the nape / roots of the hair in order to ensure good hygiene.
    • After the normal period of use, and it is time to perform maintenance or remove your extensions, if you follow the advice here, your extensions will be properly treated and you can reuse them again without any problem.
    • Remember that people with thinning hair or weak or very thin hair should not use hair extensions. If you are recovering from a recent birth, you should also not apply hair extensions.

    Take advantage of our special offer now and purchase the complete hair extension treatment kit consisting of shampoo, mask, varnish and spray for extensions at an unbeatable price!

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    patricia moreira magalhaes
    patricia moreira magalhaes

    September 20, 2016

    Gostei quero Coloca tbm

    patricia moreira magalhaes
    patricia moreira magalhaes

    September 20, 2016

    Gostei quero Como a tbm

    Diana Correia
    Diana Correia

    August 19, 2015

    Existe algum produto que remova as extensães sem precisar de alicate


    August 05, 2015

    Obrigada pelas dicas! Valeu!

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